Monday, July 20, 2009

Virgin Commercial - Christina Exposed

A picture is worth a thousand words says in mexico in a famous phrase... what you see is not always what it is, or what you get... watch this funny commercial from Virgin and Christina Aguilera... let's watch it!!!
News!!! Virgin America, the domestic airline that is reinventing air travel, is teaming up with Virgin Mobile USA to take the Virgin Mobile FreeFest movement from coast to coast - literally. Fresh off the heels of Virgin Mobile USA's announcement that 35,000 Virgin Mobile FreeFest tickets were scooped up by fans, Virgin America announced on July 16 that it will donate use of an entire plane, dubbed the FreeFest Express, to bring more West Coast do-gooders from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to attend the festival - for free.
Commercial: Virgin Commercial - Christina Exposed

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