Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sony Walkman 30 years!!!

Sony Walkman is 30 years old today!!!... For the youngest, the name Walkman designates a range of Sony products related to the music, but in digital format. Those who already have more age it's hard to break away the idea from those bulky tape players, we were hanging at our waist. who doesn't remember this ad for this beautiful product???... let's watch it!!!

Today we meet 30 years of the launch of the Sony Walkman, the first truly mobile music player, allowing to listening our tapes on either side through a pari of headphones. Interestingly, one of its features, not allowing the recording, initially suggested to analysts that it would not work in the market.

But there are only about thirty years after the name is still remembered as a milestone in the history of music, and Sony, the manufacturer, it still continues to use in different products in its range. Obviously, today cassette tapes have been replaced by digital formats, but the concept remains essentially the same.

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