Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Playtime!!!

What would you think if one day, a funny bus with an old man arrives your town for you, to go to the Six Flags??? watch this little commercial about it... it's funny but you don't believe the costume of the guy how dressed like an old man... do you??... let's watch it!!!

News!!!... do you believe that Mark Shapiro, CEO of Six Flags, just took his company into bankruptcy... O_O During a surprisingly 50-minute conference call with journalists, Mark Shapiro made the case that the "pre-negotiated plan of reorganization," as the company is describing its bankruptcy, is a behind-the-scenes financial restructuring that will be all but invisible to its customers. "Plain and simple, we're over-leveraged," said Shapiro, referring to the chain's $2.4 billion debt. but don't worry... Shapiro emphasized that the parks are in great shape, the company is continuing to invest in new rides and attractions, and that attendance, revenue, and profits are all on the increase, so... it's playtime!!! right???

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