Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bridgestone Funny Commercial

This is a very funny commercial from Bridgestone first seen in the superbowl, the use of animals animations in this commercial is great!!!... let's watch it!!!
News!!! Bridgestone Corporation announced on July 10, 2009 its decision to construct a new plant for the production of precure tread *1 for retread tires. This production base will help Bridgestone increase sales of its retread products as well as develop its solutions business in Japan, Asia, and China. Construction of the new plant is scheduled to start in July 2009, and production is expected to commence at the facility in November 2010.
Commercial: Bridgestone Funny Commercial

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Rose said...

That Bridgestone commercial is actually good. The choice of the animals featured was brilliant -- it was instrumental in getting the attention of the audience. And most importantly, the message was clear and straight to the point.

Rose Ector