Friday, August 28, 2009

Sexy Home Depot Commercial

every one says that the tools are for the real man... but in this little commercial from HOME DEPOT show us the oposite meaning of the phrase... are really the tools only for men???... watch this little commercial and tell me about it... let's watch it!!!
well... this commercial it's not actually a commercial... or not an oficial one... it's a fake of the creator... but a really good one... isn't it??? isn't good?? :D let's watch it again :D
Commercial: Sexy Home Depot Commercial

Mooselight Sexy Ad-Commercial

The Moose is a lot more than just the namesake of Moose Light. It represents the true essence of what Moose Light is all about - a strong, proud and enduring spirit. A spirit that is truly independent but firmly rooted in the land it calls home. watch this funny commercial about it... let's watch it!!!
Moose Light is a refreshing light lager that’s aged longer for an extremely smooth finish. Its fresh and easy-drinking taste makes it a welcome guest at any get together. Our emphasis on quality and traditional craftsmanship has made Moose Light a winner at the renowned World Beer Cup.
Commercial: Mooselight Sexy Ad-Commercial

Monday, August 24, 2009

OTTO catalog Funny commercial

wooow... i haven't seen a commercial where the violance was the topic to the publicity of a product... like in this case with this commercial from OTTO Catalog... i can't denied that it's funny... yeah... really funny... let's watch it!!!
News!!! Petra Nemcova Is The New Otto Catalogue Cover Girl! In the Spring the adopted New Yorker was the guest of a photo-shooting in Hamburg. "I am proud to be the new OTTO cover girl, following in the footsteps of top models such as Heidi Klum, Tatjana Patitz and Gisele Bündchen", she explained on the brink of her visit "OTTO is a globally operating company – and the group’s social commitment also impresses me."
Commercial: OTTO catalog Funny commercial

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sprite strange commercial

this is one of the most strange commercial i have seen... i don't know the feeling from this commercial... but it's kind of sexy... let's watch it!!!
Commercial: Sprite strange commercial

BMW funny and sexy commercial

This video commercial from BMW its funny in a serious way... do you know why???... let's watch it!!!
The ending suggests that he might have been cheating.. so although BMW "might just save your life", other things that you do (outside/unrelated to the car) is completely in your hand
Commercial: BMW funny and sexy commercial

Thursday, August 20, 2009

French Vodafone Commercial

oooh the men's fantasies... in this little commercial from Vodafone... you can see how a man can dream in a trip... very funny, very simple... nothing to do with mobile... and the girl is one of the most beautiful and nicest actresses in france...tres belle!! let's watch it!!!
News!!! Vodafone Group, a pioneer in the development of money transfer services via mobile, has appointed Cenk Serdar as Director of Mobile Payments. Serdar has over 15 years experience in the internet and mobile communications industries. Before joining Vodafone as the Director of Mobile Payments, he served as the Chief VAS Officer of Turkcell where he worked on a wide range of new business opportunities including Mobile Internet and Mobile Messaging, as well as new services such as Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Signature.
Commercial: French Vodafone Commercial

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At Last Guinness Commercial

The ad's for beer products are great in my opinion... many are so funny, serious, amazing and full of imagination... this one from Guinness it's... how i can describe it??? really awsome with a lovely song... let's watch it!!!
News!!! Drinks giant Diageo shrugged off talk that the UK beer market is in terminal decline today with a strong set of results that included a surprising lift in sales of Guinness. With rivals warning that beer sales are the lowest since the Great Depression of the 1930s and pubs closing at an alarming rate, Diageo still pushed sales of the black stuff up 6%.
Commercial: At Last Guinness Commercial

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hilarious Shake Weight Commercial

I don't know... but in my country this kind of infommercials are very hilarious... especial this one... that has a weird way to lose weight... don't you think??... let's watch it!!!
this is an unintentionally (I'm hoping) suggestive commercial for an exercise product. This "shake weight" helps tone your arms.I mean, that's definitely the way to get...sculpted.. hahaha i don't stop laughing LOL
Commercial: Hilarious Shake Weight Commercial

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Samsung New Technology Commercial

I don't really know if this is a tv commercial or will apear in tv someday... but i have sure on one thing... it's a really funny video from Samsung to show the new technology in cameras... let's watch it!!!
The camera in this adevertisment is the new Saumsung WB1000 that has a fantastic 24mm ultra wide angle, 5x optical zoom lens, combined with full manual control for the ultimate creativity and a world first 3.0” hVGA AMOLED screen – and is only 2cm thick! what you are waiting to buy one???
Commercial: Samsung New Technology Commercial

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls Commercial

I loved this commercial when i saw it like 2 years ago... the commercials from sony Bravia always have some kind of magic... but this one for me it's the best one... let's watch it!!!
Danish director Nicolai Fuglsig, from MJZ, was working on the Bravia television commercial for Fallon London. this commercial was showing 250,000 coloured balls being dropped down Filbert and Leavenworth Streets in San Francisco. The music in this commercial is provided by the Swedish singer José González. The song is called “Heartbeats” and features on the album, Veneer. The name of the singer it's very common in mexico.
Commercial: Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls Commercial

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Talk Talk Tv Commercial

I have to say that this commercial it's really great... it's amazing when you see what a bunch of people with certain perspective could make in this little commercial from Talk Talk... let's all do it together... let's watch it!!!
can you imagine why this commercial was banned from tv??? some people say "it was because of the slogan...LETS DO IT TOGETHER!!" but it appears in britain in the big brother season 8
Commercial: Talk Talk Tv Commercial

Michael Buble Starbucks Commercial

Michael Buble the young singer that use the frank sinatra style, appears in this little commercial for Starbucks... mmm i have to buy one :D let's watch it!!!
News!!! As the economy remains wobbly in the U.S., experts say growth can still be expected around the world in companies such as Starbucks. While analysts say Starbucks has jam-packed the U.S. market -- the company warned of shuttering 800 underperforming stores last year -- it has lots of room to grow internationally.
Commercial: Michael Buble Starbucks Commercial

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kodak It's Back Commercial

This great commercial from Kodak has got too be one of those super bowl commercial because it's so funny!... and you can miss it!!! let's watch it!!!
Like in the commercial... NOW IT'S DIGITAL!!!
Commercial: Kodak It's Back Commercial

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Macy's Shoe Commercial

It is not beutiful to see some women working in fancing and very pretty shoes???... imagine an island with only girls working to harvest their food or playing on the beach... ooo yeah!!! you have to see this ad from macy's... let's watch it!!!
Commercial: Macy's Shoe Commercial


What happens when you combine a vampire with a Delissio Pizza??... you obtain the new Delissio Garlic Bread Pizza... mmm... so deliciuos that you could taste the garlic :D yummi... let's watch it!!!

The commercial plays off of established vampire mythology, including the idea that vampires can turn into bats and must avoid garlic. Jeremy Oxley, product manager for Delissio Pizza, said the brand’s marketing team and creative agency DraftFCB had the vampire-themed Twilight in mind when developing the ad. “We needed to make sure we balanced the news of the new product offering with all the brand equity that comes along with Delissio Pizza,”


Monday, August 3, 2009

New Chocolate Phone LG BL40 Commercial

if you want to be in the new fashion way... you can't miss this commercial about the new LG-BL40 mobile known as the famous LG Chocolate from the LG Black Series... with this models... do you want it??... let's watch it!!!
News!!!... The new LG Chocolate comes with a 4 inch (diagonal) LCD display with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 800 x 345, other specifications include 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity, a Flash based 3D UI, a multi touch interface and AGPS. Wow... i have to buy this little piece of art :D
Commercial: New Chocolate Phone LG BL40 Commercial

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Japanese Ramen Commercial

I have to say... the japanese commercials are great... with a lot of imagination... like this commercial about ramen... it looks like an american commercial with all the cliches... let's watch it!!!
Commercial: Japanese Ramen Commercial