Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pasta Hut it's here!!!

Everybody knows that one of the best places to eat a good and delicious pizza it's the Pizza Hut Restaurant... but you know, pizza it's a delicious Itialian food, right??? well... what kind of food it's representative of itialia besides the pizza??? yeah... you got it and the guys of Pizza Hut know this fact... so let's watch this video commercial about it... let's watch it!!!

Fact!!! someone said "The logo and name is TEMPORALY being changed to promote the launch of our new pasta menu. For most branches, particulary expresses the change will not even be made"... Pasta Hut (the new name) is an effort to develop a healthier image of the restaurant and is part of an £18 million revamp package designed to attract new customers and move it into more upmarket terrain... jejeje do you want some... pasta???...

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