Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dominos Pizza Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza... yummi!!!

What happend if you use all your senses to enjoy a super duper great pizza flavor like this one from Dominos Pizza??? I'm talking about the Dominos Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza... so much cheese... bread... and garlic... smell it, taste it, see it, listen to this commercial... let's watch it!!!

Fact!!! on February 13, 2007 Dominos Pizza(R) changed the look of it's homepage in support of the new pizza "The Dominos Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza" or how Ken Calwell (Chief Marketing Officer) described "With a new buttery crust, delicious melted cheese and garlic flavor, Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza is truly an indulgent pizza" mmmm sounds... delicious!!! do you want some???

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