Thursday, August 20, 2009

French Vodafone Commercial

oooh the men's fantasies... in this little commercial from Vodafone... you can see how a man can dream in a trip... very funny, very simple... nothing to do with mobile... and the girl is one of the most beautiful and nicest actresses in france...tres belle!! let's watch it!!!
News!!! Vodafone Group, a pioneer in the development of money transfer services via mobile, has appointed Cenk Serdar as Director of Mobile Payments. Serdar has over 15 years experience in the internet and mobile communications industries. Before joining Vodafone as the Director of Mobile Payments, he served as the Chief VAS Officer of Turkcell where he worked on a wide range of new business opportunities including Mobile Internet and Mobile Messaging, as well as new services such as Mobile Payments, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Signature.
Commercial: French Vodafone Commercial

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