Sunday, November 30, 2008

DeBeers Diamonds Christmas Commercial

This is a very romantic Christmas Commercial by DeBeers Diamonds

About De Beers
"There are no measurements to describe how to find your perfect diamond.

However important the 4 C`s are - beauty is the only arbiter. All diamonds should show Fire, Life, and Brilliance. Fire is the beautiful rainbow effect that is produced by the dispersion of light, Life is the scintillation and sparkle when you move the stone in front of your eyes, and Brilliance is the brightness of the diamond due to reflected white light when the diamond is still . Ultimately though, it is the diamond that chooses you."

Andrew Coxon - President of the De Beers Institute of Diamonds


Dougbug said...

Is there anywhere we can get the current Dell commercial? It's some office
people caroling another office worker with Deck the Halls. I've checked
youtube but can't find it. Any ideas?
Is so e-mail me at

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